Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam

Ashtadhravya Maha Ganapathi Homam


The Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam is the best solution for all your obstacles and problems. It is believed to perform Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam on your Janma nakshatra every year. Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam is a procedure to perform the special puja to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha by offering eight sacred items. 

The people who go through various obstacles and difficulties in their life, for the welfare of their life on the eve of Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam the major operations Homam, is performed. 

The Ashtadravya homam dravya is made up of very known eight sacred things that are part of the Ashtadravya 


The offerings of eight ashtadravya are more popular in south India as it is of south India concept. While performing the Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam the special dravya offered to Lord Ganesha Ashta Dravya is also given to little children to make them initiate into the world of learning.

Importance Of Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam

Worshiping Lord Ganapathi on special occasions to lead several benefits in life. It is believed that one should perform homam at your home to get better results.

Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam is mainly performed to improve wealth, finance, career, business, and education-related problems.