Mandala Pooja

Mandala Pooja

Pertains to poojas performed during Mandala season, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa.

This starts on the 1st of Malayalam month Vrischikam, which falls in the middle of November.

Mandala Pooja is performed for 41 days. Anybody can participate, by registering their names and Star during the 41 days of poojas. All these 41 days only basic  Poojas are done which lasts for approximately 1 hour. 

On the 41st day, detailed poojas with offerings take place. This is the only day, Poojas and offerings for Nagas, Naga Raja, and Naga Yakshi are performed.

All Poojas will be over by 1pm, and it is beleived that all should leave the premises immediately.

Mandala Poojas, which comes on 26th of Dec, has been booked till 2025.

(See the chart given below.) 

(Anybody interested in booking the poojas may please contact Pradeep @ 949 55 44 444 - Whatsapp)