Kalari Pongala

Kalari Pongala

The name ‘Ponkala’ means “to boil over”Ponkala is a religious festival performed to appease the Goddess of the Temple. At our Kalari, with the consent & advice of ourThanthri Thirumeni, we introduced Ponkala for our Amma, the  ‘Raktheswari’ of Kalari, on 11th March 2022.  Our Family members accepted the Pooja and offered rituals wholeheartedly. The huge attendance recorded was clear evidence of the same.  

This year, 2023, we conducted the ritual on March 1. A total of 106 participants showed up, which was an increase of 54% over last year.

Participating women prepare a divine food made of rice, jaggery, natural flavours etc.(a porridge made of rice, sweet brown molasses, coconut gratings, nuts, and raisins.) in earthen pots and offer it to the Goddess of the Temple. 

The entire temple area was filled with women preparing the customary rice on small hearths in neat rows, which is a wonderful sight, spiritually strengthening people's homes. The ceremony is initiated on the auspicious day of Makayiram star of Kumbham month.

 All these rituals occur amidst the beautiful musical rendering of Goddess. The main significance is victory of good over evil.